Thursday, August 5, 2010

Silence is wonderful.....

"Not merely an absence of noise, Real Silence begins when a reasonable being withdraws from the noise in order to find peace and order in his inner sanctuary."
Peter Minard

I have been trying to live by this quote I came across a few days ago.

It gives me peace to know that I can control the noise around me.....
I can choose to engage in it.....
or I can choose to ignore it.

My eldest son has been horrid to me this past month, and I have realized that the only way I can fight back is to remain silent. When he starts berating me, or accusing me of being a horrible mother; I try to block him out and find peace within myself to continue being the positive person I am. One day I know that he will mature and realize that what he had was wonderful. One day he will wake up and apologize for being who he is right now.

But whatever happens, I know that I will find inner peace by refusing to listen to the noise!



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